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High end boutique Aquafitness studio in Dubai

L’Atelier Aquafitness is a high-end boutique Aquafitness studio bringing to Dubai an amazing healthy lifestyle concept revolving around Aquabiking, Iyashi dome and Detox Juice & Tea bar.

We designed our Aquafitness boutique to create for you a new fitness and well-being experience and to make you feel unique and pampered.


A mix of water aerobics and indoor spinning on specially designed bikes for the water activity which are immersed in our 1m27 indoor pool.

It is a 45min dynamic class performed in music by our qualified coaches working both upper and lower body. Benefits of this workout: refining your legs, sculpting your buttocks and abdominal muscles, strengthening your arms as water resistance makes your muscles work harder.

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It is a traditional Japanese method, a form of therapy that helps the body eliminate toxins and heavy metals in record time.

Inspired from a traditional Japanese practice Suna Ryoho where the Japanese were burying themselves in the sand near the hot springs on the beach to eliminate toxins, the IYASHI DOME is a device using a unique technology to deeply cleanse the body, restore its balance and to gain efficient and long-lasting slimming effect amongst other benefits.

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The first and Only

Aquafitness boutique in Dubai with an indoor pool, specialized in aquabiking

An all age workout place

whatever your current physical condition: fit, pregnant, injured etc…

Superior quality of service

An elegant and cosy place with a healthy tea and juice bar

Qualified Coaches

helping you to meet your personal goals

Pay as you go

Hassle-free “pay as you go” service

Coming soon

Other well-being services coming soon as our boutique expands…

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